Birthday parties with kayaks/canoes are appropriate for ages 10 and up.

After meeting at the party/launch location you choose (from our list,) we will give the party goers a lesson in kayaking before we hit the waters. Each paddler will be outfitted with a PDF and safety issues will be taught.
While cruising on the water, the tour guide will play a kayak game with the children, point out different animals and plants we see, and guide the journey.
An Educational, unique and memorable experience kids rave about! Mom's and Dad's love it too!
We provide the kayaks/canoes, PDFS, (life jackets), whistles and tour guide/party facilitator.

2 hours of kayaking fun!
Once our roundtrip ends back where we started, you can finish your party right there at the park where we launched, or wherever you choose.

Includes enough kayaks/canoes for 12 people. A mixture of tandems (doubles) and single kayaks/canoes.
(Two adults must kayak from your party, so 2 of the 12 are adults.)$295.00 (2 hours)

20.00 per extra guest, up to 8 more additional guests, one of which must be an adult. (Number depends on age of guests, we can discuss.)

**Please note: All children and adults must know how to swim, and be 10 years or older!
A signed Waiver required of each participant.

Theses outings are appropriate for Teens and their chaperones.

What a great way to bond and see God's creation! Teens enjoy paddling and the fun of exploration. Bonding and learning to work as a team are the values taught on these trips. We facilitate that and the teens call it fun!
After meeting at your chosen location, we will give a short kayak lesson and go over the safety rules as we put on our life jackets. While cruising on the water, the tour guide may point out different animals and plants we encounter on our journey.

We provide the kayaks/canoes, PDFS,(life jackets), whistles and tour guide.

**Appropriate for teens.

Includes enough kayaks/canoes for up to 18 people. A mixture of tandems (doubles) and single kayaks/canoes.
(2 adult chaperones must kayak from your group, so 2 of the 18 are adults.)
$395.00 (2 1/2 hours)

**Please note: All teens and adults must know how to swim, and be 10 years or older!
A signed Waiver required of each participant.

What a wonderful way to spend the day together! You can't get more romantic than a sunset watched from a kayak or a long meander together down a winding river where nature abounds.

Kayaking brings out the best in couples as they relax and feel relaxed in the nature that abounds around them.

50.00 Per couple
3 couples minimum

Many locations and tours to choose from! Check the Kayak Places tab, and also see TOURS BELOW for outing ideas. If you have a location request, we can discuss it.

A tour for nature loving teens and adults. (Older children accompanied by an adult in same kayak ok.)

About the Weeki Wachee Spring and River:
Weeki Wachee Spring on Florida's west central gulf coast is a first magnitude spring discharging over 64 million gallons of crystal-clear fresh water a day. Approximately 8 miles later the Weeki Wachee River meets the Gulf of Mexico near the small village of Bayport.

Our trip covers from the headsprings to Rogers Park. We will take you back up to the starting point at the headsprings.

Along the river you may see many animals including the famous West Indian manatee, gentle otters, alligators and raccoons. Bird watchers will delight in many species of birds including ducks, ibis, pelicans, herons, osprey, wood storks, anhingas and cormorants.

We meet at the Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. We will provide your kayak or canoe, pdf, whistle, snorkel gear, paddles and personal tour guide with safety kit.
Going with a tour guide is important if you've never kayaked this river. We will show you the best snorkeling holes and guide your journey down the river.

Trip Length: 6 miles

Trip Duration: about 3.5 hours

25.00 per person 8 person minimum

An interesting and exciting tour for somewhat experienced teens, adults, and families. (One older child per kayak with adult.)

A wonderful mangrove tunnel guided tour from New Port Richey from Eagle Point Park. We will paddle through salt water estuaries and see wildlife a plenty! We call theses tunnels the catacombs! Our family has enjoyed discovering all the different trails. We've spotted Roseate Spoonbills, Herons, Dolphins, just to name a few types of animals on our trips.

Trip Length: 5 miles

Trip duration: 2 1/2 hours (flexible)

25.00 per person 6 person minimum

We know the best fishing holes!
We provide the bait, kayaks, Pdfs, whistle and you bring your pole!
(Limited number of poles available for 10.00 rental.)

Various locations.

Trip duration: 3 hours (flexible)

35.00 per person 4 person minimum

Do you have place you've always wanted to explore? Let's discuss it and plan your event!

Email us at

or call 727 455 4985

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